Monday, November 14, 2011

Sabrina here.

Yeah, yeah, ten things about me?
Here ya go.
1: I am the oldest of us at 14.
2: I have a twin named Jess who lives with my dad mostly.
3: My parents are divorced and I live with my mom.
4. My style is very goth/punk.
5. I have a boyfriend named Nick Riley, who goes to Dover Academy (Shay Academy's brother school.)
6. My roommates are Stella and Sonya
7. I have a cat named Licorice.
8. My dad is dating Stella's mom. (still don't like it. Tory ((S's mom)) is nice but I can't believe she's dating my dad.)
9.And I can't think of any more *sigh*
Talk to everyone later, hopefully.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Julie says, "It's my turn!"

Hi there everyone! I'm Juliet Morgan, and welcome to Always!
I'm going to tell 10 things about me, okay?
1. My mother was *the* Julie from the AG stories.
2. I have a little sister named Rosalie- she looks like me but her hair is shorter and a little darker.
3. My best friends are Cecy (see below) and my cousin Eliza.
4. I hate mean people. >:(
5. I love unicorns, rainbows and my dolls.
6. I have two kitties- Pounce is one and Raine is nine months.
7. my favorite song is 'Love Story" by Taylor Swift. It's almost about me!:)
8. I can't think of anything else ;)
See you again soon <3

New girl- that's me.

Hello there--
I'm Cecile (Julie and Eliza's roommate).I'm the new girl here :) I am 13 years old and British. I have curly red-brown hair, dark skin, and hazel eyes. Hmm, how about I post 10things about me?
1- I have a British accent-- The girls keep fussing over it and I don't know why *sigh*
2- I love, absolutely love singing, acting, and playing guitar. My parents still haven't sent my guitar but I can always sing in the meantime.:)
3- I have a large Maine Coon- Siamese cross named Isis who is very, um, "Alpha female".
4- I'm loving it here with all my new friends :D
5- I have two little sisters- Zundiya is 12 and has straight hair and brown eyes and Lucy is 11 and has curly hair and brown eyes.
6- I have a very mild allergy to strawberries.
7- My favorite color is teal.
8- I'm quite experienced at Dungeons and Dragons and I love most typical "nerdy" things.
9- My motto is "Tene caput altum", which is Latin for 'Hold your head high.".
10- I'm looking forward to more bogging in the future!

I'll post again sometime-
looking forward to getting to know you lot!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Hi there everyone and welcome to That's So Random!

This is where me and my friends will post all the weird stuff that happens in our lives :D
BTW I won't be posting as much because of my own blog, Introducing Stella. 
Me and Julie have Blogger accounts, but the others will post under them as well. Bye now!
Hi everyone, I'm Sabrina's cousin  Alex Maya. I'm 14 and I go to Shea Academy with all the girls. Hope to post some more soon :)
Alex Maya
Hi, I'm Chloe. I'm Nicki's roommate here at SA. My grandmother was the real Samantha Parkington! I'll talk to you soon :)
This is Nicki. I've been having a great time at school with all my friends :) 
Heyhey, Sabrina here. I'm sooo bored so I agreed to post a, like, "welcome" post. See ya later :P
  Hey there, this is Julie. I'm so excited to have a blog!
Love you all  for reading :)

Okay, back to me. Anyway, see you all soon! :D